Aros is an online fighting game based on three crucial aspects: Player vs player, customization and evolution. These elements will define Aros throughout its development. Each of these aspects is explored in further detail below.

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Player vs player

The standard mode of Aros consists of 8 teams of 3 players fighting to the death. Several new game modes will be added once the gameplay is balanced.

Customize your character to suit your playstyle! To really stand out, players will have to work together and develop team strategies.

Everyone starts on an equal playing field. Player skill and knowledge are the deciding factors. Resourceful players will find tokens around the map to upgrade their abilities or learn new ones that can tip the scales in their team's favor.


This a very important aspect of the game that allows you to distinguish yourself from other players.

There are more than 70 parameters for customizing your character plus an ever-expanding list of cosmetic items that grows every month.

You also have the ability to create style kits (as well as combat kits) to easily change your look and playstyle.

Every player gets their own room to customize as they see fit. Invite your friends over to join a queue, run a battle simulation or to just hang out.


The game will evolve with every update. New modes will be introduced focused on character progression and socialization.

A close eye will be kept on all aspects of the game to ensure that the experience is as balanced and fun as possible.

Game outcomes are determined by teamwork and individual skill!

Major updates will mark the beginning of new ranked seasons.

Player vs player
Discover the fundamental aspects of PvP in the standard mode of Aros.
Team up with 2 friends and take on 7 other teams on a large map! Stand out in the rankings by executing clever strategies and demonstrating exceptional teamwork!


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