Who is behind Aros?

Aros is a project initiated over two years ago and developed by one person! I will first introduce myself and then talk to you about my short and long term vision for the game.


My name is Gabriel Provencher and I love to create! My imagination is overflowing and I feel the need to make these dreams come true. I love the idea of being able to gather people in a game so that they can experience the sensations of my creations! I hope I can dedicate several years to this project to make it better with every update.

The future of Aros

In the first place I want to make sure that the game is balanced and functional at all levels. Secondly I want to add a lot more cosmetic content to give you the opportunity to have a unique style.

In the long term I want to add features to make the social aspect even more developed than it already is and add different game modes. Ultimately my goal is to set up a competitive mode that's very focused on teamwork.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my game and that you will help me improve it throughout its development. With that, good game to you and let there be light!


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